#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 25 - How It's Made


So this is a bit late but ah well, who’s counting? It’s mostly late because I wanted to make you guys an all-singing-all-dancing video!

And that took a lot longer than expected.

But better late than never, so here you go…

I think it can be a bit nerve wracking to show the ins and outs of how you create what only you create - what if someone else tries and does it better?! But at the same time, I know a lot of people are curious about how I make my monsters and I actually think it would be awesome if you all had a go at making your own!

So let me know what you guys think of the video!

Does it make sense? Do you think it’s as interesting as I think you will think it is (get your head around that sentence and I’ll be impressed)? Would you like to see more videos like this?

Take care guys!


Rachel xx