Meet The Maker... Me!


My name is Rachel, I’m 26 and live in Manchester, England. I have lived here for pretty much my entire life, apart from the 4 years I spent in Dundee at Art School. Since graduating in 2016 I’ve moved back home (desperately trying to save for my own house but mortgages, man, who’s idea was that?!), found myself a part-time job working at an opticians as well as a little studio in Salford at Islington Mill. It’s an amazing (old) building filled with all kinds of creative people, where I’ve been slowly trying to learn what kind of creative work I want to make and how to run a business!
They really should teach you more about that at Art School…

Anyway, I am in love with clay and nature and making fun, sweet, weirdo monsters. I am all about wabi-sabi, which is, as Wikipedia puts it,

‘beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete"’

So that’s what I try to find in all of my work. 
You can read more about my work HERE if you want.

Other things to know about me…

I’m a giant introvert.Well, I’m pretty small but definitely introverted, which can make meeting new people at craft markets very hard work. But I’m getting a lot better I think, and all of you help massively – all of your support and appreciation boost my confidence and make it soooo much easier to come out of my shell.
I’m vegetarian.Don’t worry, I’m not about to start preaching – you do you and I’ll do me, that’s cool. I was raised vegetarian and have never eaten meat or fish, which a lot of people find incredible but it’s just normal to me. And it’s not something that I’ve ever thought I was missing out on or ever really been interested in. Going vegan is a step too far for me, at least for the minute – I’ve tried it but chocolate and cheese are life. 


I recently started climbing and I’m a bit obsessed. Just after Christmas I went on a beginner course with my boyfriend and we’re now totally obsessed. We’ve been trained up and are now clambering all over various climbing centers (and maybe looking towards climbing outside, although that’s a bit more nerve wracking). Any fellow climbers out there?

My other obsession is Harry Potter.Now I think I’m pretty sly with this obsession. I recently read about a woman who’s beaten the world record on Harry Potter memorabilia collections – nearly 4,000 items… yeah, my jaw hit the floor too – and I’m not saying I don’t have a cloak and wand stashed away somewhere but I’m not walking round in it. But if you bring it up in conversation, misquote or misunderstand the plot, I will be on you like a ton of bricks.

And with that slightly menacing message, I think I’ll say that’s enough for you guys to be getting on with. 

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I have a sales and seconds shop on Esty, where you can get older work for 20% off at the minute.

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